Resources for Sibs



The Sibling Support Project has specific content focused on supporting teen sibs. Sibteen groups, Sibshop opportunities and book recommendations can all be found here!

Sibshops are lively peer support and education programs for school age brothers and sisters of kids with special health, developmental, and mental health concerns. A list of registered Sibshops may be found here.

With over 1700 members, SibNet is the largest and oldest listserv for adult sisters and brothers of people with special developmental needs. SibNet is hosted by the Sibling Support Project and the Sibling Leadership Network.

To address the need for information and support, OAR has launched its “Autism Sibling Support” initiative, beginning with three new resources.



New York Times Bestseller Wonder, by R. J. Palacio, a Young Adult novel

Asperger’s Sibling Support by Trish Thorpe

Far from the Tree by Andrew Solomon

My Big Brother Bobby: Understanding Angry Feelings and Behaviors of Others by Rebecca Dauer (also a sib!)

Being the Other One: Growing up with a Brother or Sister who has Special Needs by Kate Strohm

Boy Alone by Karl Greenfeld

The Normal One: Life with a Difficult or Damaged Sibling by Jeanne Safer



Sibling caregiver research article co-authored by Ellie

Research by Boston University’s Dr. Gael Orsmond

Chicago Tribune on Don Meyer, director of the Sibling Support Project

An NPR article on Givoanni Cocco’s photographs of his sister who has a disability

A New York Times piece by Anne Fadiman, author of “A Hmong Child: Her American Doctors and the Collision of the Two Cultures”



Poster presentation by Ellie at the Society for Social Work and Research in 2018

Great piece by the Sibling Leadership Network on the importance of support for sibs of individuals with mental illness

University of Michigan’s helpful resource sheet

2016 article written in the Washington Post by a parent

Information on sibs from Autism West Midlands

Zelezeh blog

TED Talks

        Faith Jegede: Autism through a sibling's eyes

        Alicia Arenas: Recognizing Glass Children

The Sandwich Kid


More resources to come!