A First-timer

Our last night in D.C. we interviewed another recent college graduate who spoke incredibly eloquently about his eldest sister who is 25 and has severe autism. Interestingly, he confided in us that this interview and conversation was the first time he had ever spoken about his sister. For him, and for us, it seemed that our long conversation was a catharsis amid his complicated, busy, exciting life.

Aly was an incredible orator and told his story with eloquence and thoughtfulness. He told us how his family had moved from Pakistan to the United States specifically for the support they could receive for his sister. Unfortunately, they weren’t acquiring the same aide in Pakistan.

Aly also spoke with us about some of the raw experiences that went along with being his sister’s brother.

He also spoke about compartmentalizing his life, a trait we have seen in many other sibs.

One of the most important things we learned from speaking with Aly was how imperative communication is for sibs.

Even after we turned off the camera we ended up talking to him about being a sib, about emotions, about life for well over an hour. He told us how grateful he was to finally be able to talk his story and he was genuinely interested in hearing ours as well. It is one talent to comprehend and understand someone’s experiences, it is another one to empathize with them. To Aly, we are forever grateful for your charisma, your bravery, your stories, and your friendship.