"Take the time to look"

After a way long day of traveling from Princeton to Boston, we pulled up at a classic brick Boston building with a sign hanging that read Gateway Arts. Gateway Arts is a nationally and internationally known arts-based vocational rehabilitation service with professional studios, a gallery and a retail store. We were here to interview one of its employees, development associate Hannah Hoffman, an older sib to her brother Ben.

Here's Hannah introducing herself to us:

For a short description of Ben's history:

Very recently, Hannah made the decision to invest time in intentionally cultivating her relationship with her brother. Listen to her describe how her relationship has evolved over the years with Ben:

And even though we already pretty much knew the answer to this question given her workplace, we went ahead and asked Hannah if having a sibling had influenced her academically or professionally:

Like most other sibs we've spoken with, Hannah had her worries for the future. It was clear from her answer both how deeply she cares for her brother and how much respect she has for how her parents have supported him throughout his life.

We also wanted to dive in and ask her a few questions about her other "hat" that she often wears, an active member and board member of the Massachusetts Sibling Support Network. Listen in for her description of this amazing sib-related nonprofit.

I want to close with Hannah's description of what she finds valuable about having a sibling like Ben. Her answer was a reminder to me to always push myself past my first impression of people in order to find the little things about them that are remarkable or even just relatable.


Thanks for hanging out with us Hannah!

P.S. If you'd like to learn more about Gateway Arts or MSSN, check out their web sites below: