Actress, Advocate, Author

During our short stop in Pittsburgh, we had the opportunity to meet an amazing woman named Delilah Picart. Delilah kindly invited us over to her home where we were able to meet her younger brother Eric, who has Fragile X syndrome and was visiting for the week. When we asked Delilah about her occupation, she described herself as an actress, advocate, author. Listen below as she takes us through each aspect of her complex "job description".

While many sibs feel frustrated when people discriminate against those who are disabled or disrespect them with their language, Delilah is notable for her commitment to taking action when she notices these sorts of prejudice. In the clip below, Delilah tells about how she combatted discrimination at a local restaurant.

This sense of protecting and standing up for her brother also applied in terms of who she chose as friends and boyfriends. Delilah, like many other sibs we've spoken with, uses what is referred to as "the sibs test". Listen here to her description of her choices regarding her social life.

In terms of how Eric has impacted her personality, Delilah told us that she struggles to decide what parts of her personality are a result of her brother and what parts are just a part of who she is. However, one trait she seemed sure about was her propensity to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Delilah also frequently advocates for more support services for sibs like herself. Below, she makes her case for the importance of including sibs in the caregiving process.

In this next clip, Delilah lays out a step by step way to engage siblings in the caregiving process, even from the original time of diagnosis, stressing the importance of letting sibs ask questions about the condition and providing them with timely and appropriate channels of support.

Finally, we asked Delilah what her favorite question to ask sibs is. She responded below and I hope you'll be as touched by her response as I was!