First Stage: Complete

Though it's the end of our summer journey, it's not the end of Sibs' Journey. We cannot even begin to express how grateful we are for the support of all our friends, family, readers, and other sibs.

We believe that we have created a strong foundation for which we can promote change for sibs and their families. We're bouncing around some ideas regarding how to move this project forward. One of the things we enjoyed most about our summer was connecting with people. It was nice to share stories with sibs and sib supporters, but we recognize that not everyone knows someone to connect with. We are thinking about different ways that we can connect people within our newly expanded network of sibs. We are also looking into options regarding grants and funding so that we can continue moving Sibs' Journey forward.

We would genuinely appreciate hearing your feedback, either as a reader or an interviewee. There is a new Feedback page where you can answer some questions for us regarding the blog and the interviews we conducted. If you have any media contacts we'd love to be connected with them too (especially since our dream is to be on Ellen!) so that we can continue spreading awareness about our project and the sib experience.

Finally, we'll be synthesizing all of the feedback y'all give us on next steps to create an indiegogo funding page. Look out for that within the week.

Until next time,

Claire, Ellie, and Renee